23 February 2009

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The beginning…
In a speech in the 60’s, the Soviet Nikita Khrushchev proposed a socialist motorisation; a form of collective owned vehicle in order to fulfil practical needs without becoming an object of conspicuous consumption. But without success…
In the Meanwhile, Car sharing or ‘ Carpool’ has been developed in the United States during the petrol crisis in the 70’s. The lack of public transport and the high cost of petrol have encouraged this practice especially for home/work travels and between people of the same company. 2 or 3 peoples were sharing their car with each other’s. Each week the cars were swaping in order to have no exchange of money.
But this practice has progressively disappeared especially during the 90’s; the years of individualism development.

Car sharing is coming back!
The awareness of global warning, city sprawling effects, health problems due to pollutions, death by accidents, city congestion, public space disappearance … encourage the development of new transport modalities.
The car sharing is today well spread, helped by the development of new technologies of information and telecommunication. A lot of people have now access to Internet. Car sharing websites are manage by local communities, students associations, or firms interested by their employees’ mobility, …
But this practice is not only interesting for private people; it does also participate to the reduction of roads congestion and car park sprawling. Jean Pierre Orfeuil explained the eventuality of a financial advantage by the firm for the employees who don’t use a car park as the Californian example from the 70’s where the employees' wage was increased if they didn’t need to park a car.
Car sharing is a good vector of sociability and promotes communities’ exchange and solidarity.
But sharing a car is not only a practice between car’s owners; it can also be an exchange via a firm that provide cars for users. This practice is interesting to reduce production of cars and pollutions and to question the property.
Loic Mignotte is the founder of ‘Caisse-commune’, which exist in Paris since 1999 and propose attractive rates. This firm presents itself as an alternative of individual vehicle and a complement for the use of public transport or taxi: ‘We are part of a multi modal process according to uses. We aim to develop ecological behaviour with economy. Because the user is paying for using, he is encouraged to think about his consumption.’ The city mayor is also encouraging commercial agents of municipal car park to be involved in the development of those ‘car-sharing’ stations with interesting prices. (Novethic)
This process is also taking part of the optimisation of car park space because a car is in constant use between different people. ‘Caisse-Commune’ estimates 20 users for one car!

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